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~-*Beardome Info*-~

:bulletwhite: Here at Beardome, our currency is Cutie coins. 1 Cutie coin is worth two cents. So 50 cutie coins = 1 dollar
:bulletwhite: Neno P. Bear is official president of Beardome, with Cocoa the horse being the Vice president.

Create Your Profile

Listen to these steps and make your Beardome profile!
Step 1: App Make your Beardome App.
App by Neno-P-Bear
Step 2: Description info Read the description in this App, you'll know what to do!
Neno App by Neno-P-Bear
Step 3: Make friends and have fun!

Earn Cutie Coins

Earn cutie coins to buy things, get a Beardome account Deluxe, and more!

Earning Cutie Coins: A Guide
*Ahem* First off, lets get some currency straight.
1 Cutie coin = 2 cents.
1 :points: = 1000 Cutie coins.
Beardome Account Deluxe: 3000 Cutie coins
Now that's over, here's our little guide.
You can make a shop by making a little deviatation. Somebody will buy it eventually, and you'll earn cutie coins!
Also, each RP drawing you make will give you 10 cutie coins. The more, the merrier!
Buy things with your Cutie coins. Membership, drawings, Food, and more!
Welcome to the Beardome News! By Onyx Puff

OK, what is the Beardome News?                                                            Today asked questions for Neno P. Bear
It's a newspaper specially for Beardome watchers!                                                                 Q. What do you like to do at schools?
It was requested by our very own president, Neno                                                                       Assigning field trips, making notes on the
P. Bear! Actually, it is because she and Cocoa A.                                                                            school projects and other things like that.
Horse are going crazy on how much question                                                                           Q. Are you related to Herbert P. Bear?
and fan mail they were getting. Everyone was                                                                                   ABOSLUTYLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not. Why
asking what was going on, and this is how this                                                                                  would I be related to a bear like him?
newspaper was made!                                                                                                                            Q. Have you seen the new MLP Season 3?
                                                                                                                                                                             YUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one can miss it!
Today asked questions for Cocoa A. Horse                                           Is there going to be a new school?
Q. Are you going to eat us?                                                                                                           Yes, there is! Well, peeps kept on coming into the
W-What kind of question is that? T_T                                                                                               office complaining that there was no school for
Q. Do you boss Neno around? 'Cause that's mean.                                                       the children. So there is now a new one! It's
Yes, I boss Neno around. Who else                                                                                                   called Sun Creek Academy. The principal is
will remind her to stay on task? And                                                                                                 Neno and the vice, you may guess, is Cocoa.
EXCUSE me for being mean.                                                                                                                  Recently, alot of peeps have been enrolled.
Q. Do you like to drink coffee?
Well, finally! A normal question! I
thought the guy who sent us this
was on drugs. The answer to that
question is no. I drink hot cocoa

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